Please note that special order items or out of stock items will take longer to arrive and send. Please allow extra time for delivery of these items. Example for plastic fenders and body parts that require painting please allow + 2 weeks for paint and hardening. Hand made exhausts 1 week. Any item we have to order + 3 to 4 days. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding delivery times. All parts are sent from Thailand, please ask for shipping prices to your country.

Twin Stainless High Exhaust £75
Asia Alloy Swingarm with Sleeve. Price New £139 + Sleeve £9 = £148 SPECIAL PRICE £103
Aluminium High Exhaust £189

Carbon Twin High Exhaust £205

Used Wheels for 2005 - 2010 KSR £39 for 2
Asia Alloy Swingarm-A Red £129
Osaki 420 Chain Silver £12
Oil Vent Cap with Hose £20

Offset Front Sprocket £38 & Rear Hub Spacer £27 for 130/70 Tyres

LED Rear Light for New KSR £39 Comes with mounting bracket and number plate holder (not shown)
Plate Under rear for fixing LED light to new KSR £10
Rear Brake Cylinder Guard £4.50
The above items were fitted to our show bike and have light use only. Reduced to clear at 30% OFF normal price.


RK-M Coloured Chain Green or Gold £21
Project Paddock Stand £39
Osaki Chain and Sprocket Kit £23
K.143 Bikers 2012 Rear Carrier £72
Yusta Alloy Wheels Black or Gold £145 pair
K.131 Bikers 2012 Oil Filler Cap £15
K.132 Bikers 2012 Handlebar Clamp £25
Decal Set Green £39
Rear Wheel Splashguard £30

Koso Style Meter (KPH Only) £59

Kawasaki Exhaust Gasket £1
Sprockets by Racing. Front 14,15,16T £7 Rear 28-34T £13
K.195 Bikers 2012 Cowl Protectors £3
K.130 Rear Brake Res Cap £15 K.125 Guard £11
Kitaco Sprockets Front £16 Rear £24
Yoko Gravity Alloy Wheels Pair Black, Gold or White £149
Bushes for Swingarm £4 each
Sleeve for Asia Swingarm £9
Kawasaki Rear Cowls £39

Battery Tray with bracket for mounting number plate under rear fender 2005 - 2010 KSR £24

Plate Under Rear for fixing LED light to old KSR £9
New KSR Headlight for Old KSR White or Green £26
YSS Gas Shock £64
Rotating Carb Manifold Set £24
Asia Alloy Swingarm No Brace £139


Asia Alloy Swingarm Brace Under £124
YSS Shock Adjuster Tool set £2
Rear Wheel Damper Set £5
Tyre Valves £2.50 each
Alloy Rear Sets by Racing £92
Rizoma V2 Mirrors £35 pair
Generator Cover, Silver £9
AC+ LED Rear Light for 2005 - 2010 KSR £35
Kawasaki Tank Shrouds £14 each
Asia Alloy Swingarm Brace on Top £124
Kawasaki Original Fuel Tanks £110
Original Mirrors 2011 to 2017 KSR £7 each
Head Race Bearing Set £23
DRC Style Smoke LED Indicators £20 pair
Koso Meter RX2N Mph/Kph £199
Koso Meter RX1 Mph/Kph £163
K.133 Bikers Oil Filter Cover Silver £32
Bikers Alloy Adj Short Brake Lever £15
Connector Wires for LED indicators 4 for £10
K.10 Bikers Alloy Engine Protectors Silver (Old KSR) £61
Top End Gasket Set £6
Original 2010 5.5 Decal Set Blue £37
orders & enquiries please email us:
Original 2010 Decal Set Black/Red £37
Original 2010 Decal Set Green £37
K.132 Bikers Alloy Bar Clamp Black £25
DRC Style Clear LED Indicators £20 pair
K.43 Brake Pedal Titanium £41
K.139 Bikers 2012 Master Cyl Cap £14
K.118 Fuel Tank Cap Titanium £33
Z1000 Style Bellypan £34
K.109 Bikers 2012 Handlebars £51
Anodised Screw Set for Nojima Blue, Red, Green, or Gold £2
Supermoto Front Fender £30
CNC Alloy Rear Brake Pedals £28
Longer Seat £39. Please specify old or new KSR when ordering
ZRX Tank Shrouds £29 pair
AC+ Rear Carrier for Old 2005 to 2010 KSR £30
Kawasaki KSR/KLX 110/140 Oil Filter £4
Kawasaki KSR/KLX 110 Air Filter £4
Kawasaki Brake Pads Front £17 Rear £17
Fork Seals Set ( 2 oil seals and 2 dust seals) £16
Something you need but can't see it here? If it's genuine parts, performance parts, or accessories, please email us & we'll do our best to get it for you.
Original 2010 Decal Set White £37
Street Decal Set White £37
Kawasaki Handlebars £19
Super Moto Decal Set Yellow £37
Kawasaki 125cc Conversion Kit £90
Street Decal Set Green £37
Please note we do not charge VAT on items sent by post . The customer is liable for any duty or VAT( if charged) when the goods arrive in your country.
K.3 Bikers Alloy Generator Cover Silver £14
K.132 Bikers Alloy Bar Clamp Titanium £25
Rear Hugger £19
Worktech 220mm Front Brake Disc £59

Mecatec Brake Disc set with Oversize 220mm front disc and adapter bracket £49 Set. Original Size 200mm Front and 185 mm Rear Disc Set £37


Amtech Race Brake Pads £14
Super Moto Decal Set Green £37
Kitaco Blue Decal Set £37
Super Moto Decal Set Red £37

Manual Clutch Set £149
Used Seat £21
Twin Stainless Steel High Exhaust £179
Protaper SE Handlebars KSR and KLX £59
Brembo Brake Caliper £66
DRC Style Orange LED Indicators £20 pair
Nojima Front Fender £33
More products coming soon....
Kawasaki Lock Set 2005 - 2010 KSR £45
Renthal RC mini aluminium handlebars £52
Front and Rear Wheel Sleeves £2 each
Super Moto Decal Set White £37
Takegawa Decal Set Yellow £37
K.127 Bikers 2012 Rear Caliper Guard £29
Takegawa Racing Decal Set White for New KSR £49
Fork Guards Set Kitaco £14
Takegawa Racing Decal Set Green for New KSR £49
Takegawa Racing Decal Set Yellow for New KSR £49


Please use the feedback form on our Contact Us page. Enter your Name and Address (incl post code), email and contact telephone number, list the items you wish to order, then click the submit button. It's as easy as that! We will then email you back to confirm receipt of your order. Please note postage costs from Thailand are not included in the above prices and will be added. We will then send you the total cost and details of how to pay.

Zeta Handlebar Riser Clamp Set £29
Takegawa Decal Set Black/White £37
Team Green Decal Set £39
Street Decal Set Red £37
Fork Guard Set Kawasaki £14
Takegawa Decal Set Red/Black £37
Special Flasher Relay for LED Indicators £4
Takegawa Decal Set Green/Black £37
YSS Hybrid Gas and Oil Shock £35
Asia Alloy Swingarm-A Black £129
Fork Guard Set KSR £14
K.135 Bikers Cam Cover Silver £42
Kitaco Green for 2011-15 KSR £49
Kitaco Decal Set Red £37
Kitaco Orange for 2011-15 KSR £49
Fork Guard Set Takegawa £14
Kitaco Decal Set Orange £37
K.32 Bikers Front Footrests Titanium (pair) £52
BSC Style Mirrors £25 pair
K.11 Bikers Alloy Front Brake Lever Titanium £9
K.140 Bikers Alloy Engine Protector Set Titanium £72
K.131 Alloy Oil Filler Cap £15
Bikers Alloy products are available in Black, Red, Silver, Gold & Titanium
We Also Sell Original Kawasaki Parts for your KSR, KLX, or Z125
We Also Supply All Original Kawasaki Parts for KSR and KLX
Bikers CNC Alloy Products Red
K.128 Chain Cover Titanium £27
K.130 Bikers Rear Brake Res Caps £15
K.135 Bikers Alloy Cam Cover Titanium £42
K.128 Chain Cover Red £27
K.130 Bikers Rear Brake Res Cap £15
Battery Tray with Number Plate Bracket. New KSR £17
K.139 Bikers Brake M/cyl Cap Silver £12
K.129 Bikers Sprocket Cover Silver £30
Kitaco Grey Decal Set £37
Kitaco Decal Set Yellow £37
Racing Boy Handguards £26
K.118 Fuel Tank Cap Red £33
K.46 Front Cable Guide Red £22

K.131 Bikers Oil Filler Cap Silver £15

K.195 Bikers Cowl Washer Titanium £3
K.134 Valve Covers Set of 2 Titanium £29
K.139 Bikers Brake M/cyl Cap Titanium £14
K.134 Valve Cover Set of 2 Red £29
K.118 Bikers Fuel Tank Cap Black £33
DECAL SETS FOR 2011 - 2015 KSR
Kitaco Blue for 2011-15 KSR £49
DECAL SETS FOR 2005 - 2010 KSR
Front or Rear Caliper Brackets for Brembo £12.50 each
Leo Vince GP Corsa Stainless Exhaust £159
Folding Rear Footrest sets £29
K.126 Bikers 2012 Front Brake Caliper Guard £29
Yoko Alloy Wheels £149 pair + post
AC+ Rear Carrier for New 2011 to 2015 KSR £30
Exhaust Heat Wrap £9
Worktech Rear Sprockets 29,30,31,32t £25
K.150 Bikers 2011 on Cowl Wider Set £29
Motad Bellypan £34
K.140 Bikers 2012 Engine Protectors Pair £72
Items shown below are supplied unpainted
K.143 Bikers 2012 Rear Carrier £72
Front and Rear Wheel Bearings Complete Set £14
Electric Starter Kit £169
K.133 Bikers 2012 Oil Filter Cover £32
Coming Soon
K.129 Bikers Alloy Sprocket Cover Titanium £30
K.136 Bikers Rear Footrests with Hangers £99 pair
GTR Alloy Rear Brake Pedals £34
Triangle LED Indicators £20 Pair
Yoshimura Exhaust Name plate £9
K.7 Rear Adjuster Plate Set £26
Over Exhaust Name Plate £9.99
Exhaust Heatshield Set 2011/12 KSR £29
Pro Exhaust £199
K.19 Ignition Switch Nut Red £5.00
Fox Bomber Gloves Green or Black £29
K.38 Front-Rear Footrest Shaft £27
K.129 Bikers Sprocket Cover Red £30
H.54 Bikers 2012 Handlebar Hook £12
K.137 Bikers Alloy Fork Guards Black £41
API Free Reving ECM £46
Chrome Headlamp Brackets £34
Bikers Gas Cap KSR and DTX £30
K.135 Bikers 2012 Cam Cover £42
K.32 Bikers Front Footrests Red £52
K.43 Brake Pedal Red £41
Striker Exhaust Name Plate £10
K.136 Rear Footrest Set Black £99
K.32 Bikers Front Footrests Silver £52
Twin Stainless Steel Low Exhausts £179
Racing Front Fender Carbon £56
KTG Yellow Decal Set for new KSR £49
KTG Green Decal Set for new KSR £49
Kitaco Green Decal Set £37
KTG White Decal Set for new KSR £49
Streetfighter Rear cowl £30
2011-15 KSR Thor Decal Set Yellow £34
K.118 Bikers Fuel Tank Cap Silver £33
Faito Ignition Coil (High Output) £29
Speedo Cable £10
Click Here for more Accessories
Supermoto Rear Cowl £39.99
K.140 Bikers 2012 Engine Protector Set Black £72
K.139 Brake Master Cyl Cap Black £14
K.134 Bikers Valve Covers Silver Set of 2 £29
Exhaust Heatshield 2005-2010 KSR £15
Yoko Mag Wheel Set Black with Chrome Polished Rims with Bearings and Seals. Price new Wheels £149 + Bearings £14 = £165 SPECIAL PRICE £115
Full Gasket Set £12
Original Used Exhaust £39
X speed Floating Front Brake Disc £29
K.144 Bikers 2012 Exhaust Guard £18.50
Galfer Style Disc Brake Set £53
Kawasaki Brake Disc Bolts £1.40 each
New Cordura Monster Jacket. Removable lining for summer. Back, shoulder & arm protectors. Size M £45
Reflective Wheel Rim Sticker Set for 2 wheels £6
Alpine Stars Backpack. Has padded compartment for laptop. £37
Original Leo Vince GP Corsa Carbon High Exhaust for KSR110. Best Quality. £169
GTR Alloy Adjustable Front Brake Levers £20
Destroyer Helmet £99